Choosing this approach to development and the rewards it brings means making a commitment – a commitment to yourself and to the process. A commitment to begin with yourself, to face your fears, to allow yourself to be vulnerable and to risk speaking up. The success of this way of working depends upon a willingness to take complete personal responsibility for yourself and your choices, to look within when you seek change without.

This is not a commitment to be taken lightly and part of the process will be to consider whether you are prepared to make the investment required to get the results you want. Are you sure about what you want? Does your team want to be empowered? Is your organisation ready to go to a whole new level?

There is no doubt that my approach will enable you to achieve transformation; however, this is not an easy path. You may stumble and fall, you may experience dissonance and discomfort, you may feel angry and hurt and inevitably things will get messy before you break free of the limits you have created. However, high challenge is matched with high support and you can work through this.

You will need to trust the process and trust that you are capable of much more than you realise. My experience is that this won’t be smooth, there may be resistance internally and externally to the change and all stakeholders need to be included in making this commitment in order to ensure success.

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