Team development

‘Teamwork begins by building trust and the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.’
Patrick Lencioni

To be effective teams need sure leadership, robust relationships, correct alignment, a common purpose and honest communication. These things are not easy to achieve and the majority of training and development will skim the surface, avoiding difficult conversations, uncomfortable dynamics and dysfunctional behaviours in favour of the ‘safer’ topics of process and procedures and roles and responsibilities.

Failure to address ‘the elephant in the room’ or a reluctance to deal with conflict and emotions and what’s really going on, results in a lack of change and de-motivated staff.

Our sessions

If you are serious about investing in your teams and you want to achieve shifts which result in sustainable change at a deeper level, you will need to consider a more innovative approach. Our highly skilled facilitation of groups and ability to create an environment which supports honest communication and healthy challenge can assist dysfunctional teams to find a way of working well and high functioning teams to fly.

How it works

Experiential learning in the natural environment with the option of equine facilitated learning to further explore team dynamics and increase self-awareness, provides a unique approach to team coaching and development.

Team away days and time outs can be brought to life as we pay attention to developing relationships and getting to know colleagues beyond their professional roles.

Team development

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‘Sarah is an incredible coach and trainer. Personally I have found working with her life changing as have many other members of my team. I would highyly recommend Sarah as a coach and trainer. You will see great results in your teams from her ILM programmes particularly in terms of increased self awareness, improved communication and higher levels of personal responsibility.’

Anna Frearson
Anna FrearsonConsultant in Public Health and Leadership Development Coach

‘Sarah Readings and the team provided a thought provoking and inspirational leadership coaching. The friendly and pleasant atmosphere at the farm gives a relaxing but tailored place to learn. Being able to try techniques learnt in the classroom on the horses, whilst daunting, was magical by proving with immediate feedback that leading teams from behind gets results. Highly recommended and the skills you learn are mirrored by the team you lead. Thanks for a great experience, Sarah.’

Mark White
Mark WhiteProduction Director at Caunton Engineering