Personal development – The Warrior programme

‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’

The way of the Warrior is to lead from the heart, listening to your gut and moving forward with courage and compassion. This programme helps you to re-connect with yourself and your own emergent wisdom; enabling you to listen to your heart, mind, body and soul.

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The warrior learned to master the challenges of life, both on and off the battlefield. He/she acquired a sense of personal freedom and power, not through violence or aggression, but through gentleness, courage and self-knowledge.

Compassionate, courageous and creative leadership of our own lives, our families, our teams and our organisations comes from the ability to listen to and act upon our inner knowing. We are unable to experience peace and joy in our lives when we are out of alignment and dis-connected from ourselves and others.

How it works

When 1:1 Coaching has helped you to reach a place where you are ready to gain insight and awareness from others; the experience of being part of a group and the added dimension of equine facilitation can take you to a new level of awareness.

This unique five day programme offers the possibility of transformation and meaningful change. The experiential nature of the format and group support accelerates learning in ways which may not be possible through individual coaching alone. You will explore:

  • Self
  • Leadership
  • Adversity
  • Teamwork
  • Success

The cost of this programme is  £950 plus vat. This cost includes a 1:1 coaching session prior to the programme to help you gain maximum benefit from your time with the group.

‘The key to Warriorship is not being afraid of who you are. Ultimately this is the definition of bravery; not being afraid of yourself.’

Personal development

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