Mediation and conflict resolution

‘It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.’

Resolving conflict and tensions between individuals and team members is crucial due to the impact of unresolved issues on productivity and wellbeing. Mediation can help to avoid a myriad of future problems such as staff sickness, unhelpful behaviours, stressful working environments and reduced performance.


Performance = Potential – Interference

The interference caused by disagreements and misunderstandings between individuals can often be increased when formal processes are introduced; feelings of vulnerability, fear and mistrust are intensified and a resolution moves further away. The aim of mediation is to facilitate the difficult conversations in which the ‘interference’ can be illuminated and reduced. Thus performance is increased.

In a team ‘interference’ is not just multiplied but squared, in the worst cases performance diminishes to the point that one person could do the work of the team in a fraction of the time. A team that is successful in reducing interference will be recognisable for the following:

  • An apparent absence of hierarchy in the relationships
  • Listening and a desire to understand each other
  • Robust, challenging conversations
  • Clear feedback sought and given
  • The pursuit of ‘impossible’ goals
  • Focused activity
  • An intuitive sense of where each member is and how they are doing
  • Request and offers of help or support
  • Flexibility in the roles and a willingness to cover for each other
  • Creativity, imagination and intuition as part of the toolkit
  • Team members caring for each other and their well-being
  • Fun, joy and the simple pleasure of being together
  • Silence and thoughtfulness before decisions and action
  • Mutual accountability for the achievement of goals

How it works

We will provide a safe and neutral environment and facilitate discussion between the parties to clarify underlying feelings, help parties understand each other and support parties to generate ideas and agreements for the future. We remain impartial and non-judgemental and ensure that both parties get the opportunity to speak and listen.

The process involves 1:1 and group meetings where appropriate to work through the history of the situation, raise self-awareness, encourage personal responsibility and agree a way forward.

Mediation and conflict resolution

Get in touch about mediation and conflict resolution

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah Readings to help resolve workplace issues in relation to conflict. I have known Sarah in her capacity as a work place mediator for the past two years. I consider her to be highly competent and professional with an ability to effectively help our employees to achieve improved working relationships.

She routinely provides an update on progress whilst maintaining confidentiality to her clients. She also provides key points of the employees outcome and suggestions on how to avoid a situation from occurring again. Sarah has managed all of her workload in a timely manner and provides additional services such as counselling and coaching as required.

I really do appreciate knowing Sarah in a professional capacity and value the services that she offers.

Louise Gornall
Louise GornallHR Business Partner, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Thank you so much for the meeting with Andy; I am very glad we did it to clear the air. I wish him well with the VPS and I now know we could work together without me worrying, and I think if we both need to call each other for help we can do it as a team. I thank you again for your hard work and it was lovely meeting you.