Leadership development

‘Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Developing you as a leader means supporting and challenging you to find your own unique voice, to re-discover the truth of who you are, what’s important to you and your personal purpose. It means ensuring that you take responsibility for what you are creating and lead by example not position. Sure and credible leadership empowers and inspires, enabling others to learn and grow as they make mistakes and go beyond their assumed limitations.

How it works

If you want people to follow you, then you need to be you – not an imitation of you created with the aim of being ‘acceptable’, not a version of you that has been carefully crafted for public consumption; but all of you. That unique, imperfect, incredible you who is worth following. The point is to be more like yourself, not more like anyone else.

Leadership development with me will stretch you, it will challenge and support you to live your truth. Experiential learning which utilises the power of the group and can include equine facilitated learning will help you to see yourself as others do. You will receive value added feedback to illuminate your blind spots and increase your self-knowledge.

With greater understanding of yourself you will gain increased understanding of others- understanding which is essential to effective leadership.

This training can be designed to meet the needs of a particular organisation or team and is often preceded by individual coaching.

Leadership development

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Since 2008 Sarah has provided me with a range of coaching and OD support on a number of occasions. This has been in the form of training for my senior staff, team development days and currently as a participant on the ILM 7 Coaching course. The support and development Sarah offers is of the highest quality. Her approach to coaching development gave my senior staff a significant and effective tool to support them whilst working in a complex HR environment. It and contributed significantly to a positive change in their performance. My participation on Sarah’s ILM 7 coaching programme has allowed me to refine and improve my offering as a Management Consultant in a more holistic and developmental manner allowing me to offer more fundamental and integrated support to my clients. In short, Sarah provides a truly challenging and transformational model of coaching which delivers sustainable personal and professional growth to her clients.

Paddy TrimmerPrincipal, Paddy Trimmer Consulting

‘Sarah Readings and the team provided a thought provoking and inspirational leadership coaching. The friendly and pleasant atmosphere at the farm gives a relaxing but tailored place to learn. Being able to try techniques learnt in the classroom on the horses, whilst daunting, was magical by proving with immediate feedback that leading teams from behind gets results. Highly recommended and the skills you learn are mirrored by the team you lead. Thanks for a great experience, Sarah.’

Mark White
Mark WhiteProduction Director at Caunton Engineering