Equine facilitated learning

‘Every horse has something to teach and every human has something to learn.’
Sarah Readings

Working with horses allows you to experience a world of non-verbal communication in which you can receive clear and direct feedback about how you impact others. A horse does not value your title or position; only if you offer your authentic self can you be trusted. A horse’s survival depends upon their ability to accurately read the environment, they read the ‘inside’ of you; your energy and intentions. When they discover a lack of congruence, a mismatch between what you communicate and how you behave, they will offer you valuable and honest feedback in their response. Working with horses, you will learn how to achieve connection and alignment – mentally, emotionally and physically.

We deliver this approach in collaboration with our partner Learning to Listen.

Equine facilitated learning

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‘Sarah Readings and the team provided a thought provoking and inspirational leadership coaching. The friendly and pleasant atmosphere at the farm gives a relaxing but tailored place to learn. Being able to try techniques learnt in the classroom on the horses, whilst daunting, was magical by proving with immediate feedback that leading teams from behind gets results. Highly recommended and the skills you learn are mirrored by the team you lead. Thanks for a great experience, Sarah.’

Mark White
Mark WhiteProduction Director at Caunton Engineering