Coaching training, qualifications and CPD

‘It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning.’
Claude Bernard

In professional training, personal development of the individual is often overlooked and this invariably leads to poor practice. Coaches in particular need to address and work through their own issues in order to operate with the emotional intelligence required to be effective in coaching others. Our training will challenge and support you to do this. In line with this we are firm advocates of supervision and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to support professional practice.

Our programmes

  • ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring
  • ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring
  • Equine Facilitated Coaching Programme
  • Foundations of Transformational Coaching
  • Coaching with NLP
  • Introduction to mBIT Coaching
  • Monthly Coaching Exchange

How it works

We will teach you powerful principles and processes and focus on your development as a coach through experiential learning, practice and feedback. During each module you will be given the opportunity to experience the roles of coach, coachee and observer. These sessions will facilitate both your skills development and personal growth.

A psychological approach to coaching is most effective because invariably coaching issues are grounded in the cognitive and emotional. It is common for the presenting issue to be a symptom of the client’s existing patterns and belief systems. Without addressing the psychological dimension it is likely that the client will find that they are unable to sustain behavioural change. As part of our training we give participants the tools to explore the client’s inner world and therefore facilitate greater understanding and lasting change.

Alongside tutoring on our programmes the training team continues to work directly with clients, always developing our own knowledge and skills and drawing on our own experience to enhance our teaching.

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

The next open programme will begin in April.

This programme will take place at our unique training environment, The Cherry Trees Farm, North Yorkshire

Modules will run from 9.30am to 4.00pm.

The cost of the programme is £3,250 plus VAT. This cost includes the external assessment process, registration with the ILM and personal tutorials. Payment plans are available.

Contact me for further details on the programme

ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring

The next open programme will begin in April.

This programme will take place at our unique training environment, The Cherry Trees Farm, North Yorkshire

Modules will run from 9.30am to 4.00pm.

The cost of the programme is £4,500 plus VAT. This cost includes the external assessment process, registration with the ILM and personal tutorials. Payment plans are available.

Contact me for further details on the programme

Coaching, training, qualifications and CPD

Get in touch about coaching training, qualifications and CPD

I just wanted to say thank you. Last night on an mBIT coaches call, some of the coaches were talking about the way they were trained and how structured and process driven it was. They said they would spend half the session making sure they had ‘ticked the boxes’. You allowed us to grow and develop our intuition about what is needed and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you for that.

Nicki Eyre
Nicki Eyre

I have been privileged to have known and worked with Sarah Readings for nearly 10 years. I trained as a coach via her Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 5 and Level 7 training programmes. I have also personally received coaching from her as part of these programmes. I have commissioned her to deliver ILM coaching programmes and members of my senior team have received coaching from her. In addition Sarah regularly facilitates team and leadership events for Public Health.

As a senior leader and Consultant in Public Health I have benefited enormously from her insightful developmental coaching style which has helped me to develop into a more confident and effective leader, supported me to manage transformational change and importantly to grow personally to become more self-aware and emotionally intelligent. I genuinely believe that Sarah’s impact on many people that she coaches and works with is life changing. I would highly recommend her as a senior leadership and executive coach.

Anna FrearsonConsultant in Public Health (Healthy Living and Health Improvement) The Office of the Director of Public Health Technorth

Why choose Sarah Readings to stand alongside you and your people? As a practising Leeds City Council coach following Sarah’s uniquely authentic ILM 5 coaching programme, Sarah’s teachings transcend beyond the classroom and reach inside the hearts and minds of people and workplaces that she has never even met, or stepped foot in. I hear, see and feel coachees say Sarah’s famous words back – ‘how is this serving me?’, raising awareness as she cuts through the ‘noise’ and challenges from the heart to encourage responsibility and improve self-efficacy. Her coaching creates a ripple effect that you and your organisation cannot afford not to experience.

Dawn AppleyardNeighbourhood Services Officer, Leeds City Council

Sarah facilitated an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) coaching course that I studied during 2013 and since this time I have remained in contact with Sarah as a colleague and friend. Sarah’s transformational approach to coaching is both thought provoking and insightful, and her ability to ask poignant questions that encourage self-reflection and development is remarkable. The transfer of my development from the ILM course to my professional and personal arenas is testament to Sarah’s natural flair for coaching and her willingness to impart her expertise with warmth and purity.

Dr Faye Didymus
Dr Faye DidymusSenior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology, Leeds Beckett University

It is not an exaggeration to say that Sarah’s influence has been life changing for me. I did my ILM 5 Coaching with her a couple of years ago which was a wonderful experience. Sarah is one of the most intuitive and insightful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Her ‘killer coaching questions’ always got to the core immediately leading to endless light bulb moments and learning. At the time the coaching lead me to change my attitude in my personal and professional life – and I was much happier as a result. In the longer term it led me to change my career entirely as I was able to recognise what I really, really wanted to do… and take responsibility for making that happen. Now as the CEO of a mental health charity I am exploring how we can use coaching as a way to empower our clients on their recovery journey. Aside from that Sarah is warm and great fun. If you want to explore coaching and want to do it properly, meaningfully and with real integrity go to Sarah. Do it with an open mind and the potential is endless. I really can’t recommend her highly enough.

Kim Shutler-Jones
Kim Shutler-JonesChief Executive Officer, The Cellar Trust Mental Health Charity

Professional, inspiring and knowledgeable coach and ILM coach trainer. Sarah facilitated and encouraged huge personal transformation and also supported skill and knowledge building for me as a HR professional and coach.

Sarah continues to support all our qualified coaches at Leeds City Council and helped and supported us to explore our strategic direction.

I personally and professionally recommend Sarah.

Judith Fox
Judith FoxHR Business Partner, Leeds City Council

I am currently attending an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring for Management delivered by Sarah. When I started I thought that I knew quite a bit about coaching, but the programme has taught me so much more and has been a life changing personal experience for me.

Sarah is one of the best trainer/tutors I have come across (and in the past I have been a trainer of trainers so I have seen many). She uses creative exercises and her awesome skill as a coach to ensure her participants get maximum learning.

I recommend Sarah to anyone who wants a very skilled and experienced coach for their own, or others, personal development. I also recommend her as a trainer/tutor for those who want to become skilled coaches themselves.

Sue Porter
Sue PorterLearning & Talent Development Specialist

Sarah was engaged by NHS Leeds to deliver ILM Coaching and Mentoring training to several cohorts of students. I was one of those students who benefited directly from the course.

Sarah shared her expertise in a supportive way, constantly seeking to draw out from us the experience we already had and to support us in focusing it to learn as coaches; not just to pass the course but to enable us to continue to develop as coaches in the future.

Sarah always asked the right questions at the right time to get me thinking clearly about a situation. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to develop internal coaching capacity, money very well spent.

Antony Nelson
Antony NelsonManaging Partner, Consulting Connect Limited

Sarah is probably the most authentic person I have met, truly modelling living your life being true to yourself. She facilitated my development as a coach by supporting me in developing my self awareness, self belief and enabling me to act on this. The outcomes of this have been immeasurable both personally and professionally. If you truly want to discover yourself work with Sarah..If you don’t well perhaps not.

Heather Gibson-Simpson
Heather Gibson-SimpsonSenior project manager – organisational development, NHS England

I undertook my coaching development with Sarah as a part of a group of colleagues from the same organisation. From this experience I understand that Sarah is a highly skilled facilitator – insightful and non possessive over our learning, whilst maintaining a genuine rapport and warmth. She is responsive to group and individual needs – a flexibility that helped our group deal with the challenges and opportunities they faced at the time.

As a coach, her mastery of approach and technique is self evident, and is a great role model and supervisor. I highly valued my coaching sessions with Sarah.

I would very much recommend Sarah to any individual considering developing their capacity as a coach or an organisation wishing to implement a programme of coaching internally.

Tam Mason
Tam MasonLearning design, change and facilitation

Sarah is a fantastic coach and trainer who shows brilliant insight with regard to people and situations. She has enabled myself and others to become accredited coaches and has also had a significant personal impact on me and other colleagues. Her work is top quality and excellent value.

Pam Flynn
Pam FlynnHead of HR Operations, Leeds Beckett University

Following some one-to-one coaching with Sarah, I was offered the chance by my employer to train as a coach and mentor to help support staff through impending organisational restructure. When I saw that it was once again offered by Sarah Readings Ltd I jumped at the chance, as my personal coaching with Sarah had given me a real interest in that type of development. I undertook the ILM Level 5 qualification, accredited through Leeds Metropolitan University, and was successful in achieving the qualification. The way this course was delivered was outstandingly good, very challenging to the individual and with excellent support and insight offered to the students by Sarah and her colleagues.

I can highly recommend Sarah for her work in one-to-one transformational coaching, teaching, leadership development and facilitation.

Sue Yeadon
Sue YeadonSue Yeadon Services, Freelance Consultant

For me it has been an amazing, insightful transformation. My thought processes and analysis of feelings in one self has completely altered in a positive way. I have been using some of the principles, particularly around feelings with some of the families I come into contact with which has been really enlightening. Those close to me have noticed a difference – some of which they are finding hard to handle! (telling them what I need!) I’m so excited for the future and journey.

Jo EvansFamily worker

Working with Sarah was truly transformational for me. She is a skilled and incisive coach and enabled me to see through the blocks that were holding me back and understand myself so much better. As a result of working with Sarah, I moved from a position where I was successful but that was no longer working for me to setting up my own business – and I haven’t looked back. I still think back to Sarah’s coaching whenever I need to get perspective and I use the techniques I learned from her Level 5 and Level 7 courses every day in my business. I can thoroughly recommend Sarah, but be careful – she might just change your life!

Janet Finlay
Janet FinlayTrainer, coach and consultant