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1 to 1 coaching

1:1 Coaching

Transformational coaching is a powerful process which starts and ends with you. It raises your awareness, encourages you to take responsibility for your choices and exposes self-sabotage.

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Coaching, training, qualifications and CPD


In professional training, personal development of the individual is often overlooked and this invariably leads to poor practice. Coaches in particular need to address and work through their own issues in order to operate with the emotional intelligence required to be effective in coaching others. Our training will challenge and support you to do this. In line with this we are firm advocates of supervision and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) to support professional practice.

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Coaching supervision


When we slow down and examine issues more thoroughly, becoming more aware of the process we are really dealing with, a new factor often emerges into the equation – ourselves.

During supervision you will have the opportunity to look deeper into your own practice and become aware of subtle processes in coaching conversations which lead to blind spots in yourself and your thinking.

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Coaching in organisations


Making progress and creating new cultures in organisations can only be done with sure and credible leadership and an empowered work force. If you want to get the best from your people, encourage them to take personal responsibility and perform at their best then a coaching approach will help you to achieve success.

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Health coaching woman walking in forest


The support of a group is powerful when you want to make sustainable changes and the use of transformational coaching will enable you to discover and tackle what has been holding you back from achieving vibrant health in your mind, body and spirit.

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Leadership development


Developing you as a leader means supporting and challenging you to find your own unique voice, to re-discover the truth of who you are, what’s important to you and your personal purpose. It means ensuring that you take responsibility for what you are creating and lead by example not position. Sure and credible leadership empowers and inspires, enabling others to learn and grow as they make mistakes and go beyond their assumed limitations.

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Team development


To be effective teams need sure leadership, robust relationships, correct alignment, a common purpose and honest communication. These things are not easy to achieve and the majority of training and development will skim the surface, avoiding difficult conversations, uncomfortable dynamics and dysfunctional behaviours in favour of the ‘safer’ topics of process and procedures and roles and responsibilities.

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Personal development


The Warrior Programme

The way of the Warrior is to lead from the heart, listening to your gut and moving forward with courage and compassion. This programme helps you to re-connect with yourself and your own emergent wisdom; enabling you to listen to your heart, mind, body and soul.

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Mediation and conflict resolution


Resolving conflict and tensions between individuals and team members is crucial due to the impact of unresolved issues on productivity and wellbeing. Mediation can help to avoid a myriad of future problems such as staff sickness, unhelpful behaviours, stressful working environments and reduced performance.

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Equine facilitated learning


Working with horses allows you to experience a world of non-verbal communication in which you can receive clear and direct feedback about how you impact others. A horse does not value your title or position; only if you offer your authentic self can you be trusted. A horse’s survival depends upon their ability to accurately read the environment, they read the ‘inside’ of you; your energy and intentions.

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