SarahI have been working in the field of people development for over two decades now; offering coaching, training and psychological therapies to a wide variety of clients in many different settings. Assignments have ranged from leadership and team development and creating coaching cultures through to tackling addictions and dealing with trauma.

All of this work has at its core needed to address the ‘self’. Each client has needed to move beyond their behaviours to examine themselves more fully on an emotional, psychological, physical and soul level. Each person I have worked with has contributed to my own journey, my own growth and my own insight into ‘self’. I have learned about self-regard, self-compassion, self-love and my ever present ego.

Life too has presented me with endless opportunities to learn these lessons and I am aware that I have sometimes failed to take these opportunities in favour of avoiding my fears and the risk of being vulnerable. I have learnt from this and been hugely successful in my attempts to help others break free from self-imposed limitations and to connect more fully with themselves. I have enjoyed thousands of hours working alongside others as they faced their fears and dared to be more of themselves in the world.

I have worked 1:1 and in groups, I have trained hundreds of students to work as I do, been invited abroad to deliver training, given keynote speeches and made a positive difference to a lot of lives. My life personally has been rich and I have travelled a road familiar to many, a road full of emotion, loss, questions, insights and fears. I have felt joy, anger, uncertainty, vulnerability and love. I have also gained perspective and seen things I have been unable or unwilling to see before. I have experienced the most fundamental of human conditions which has led me to want to show up more fully in this world and share more widely who I am, what I do and why it’s so important to me.

I believe my purpose is to help myself and others to re-connect with ‘self’, to break free of historical patterns and limiting beliefs that lead us to dis-regard ourselves and to play small in the world. I have a learned to see past your ‘stuff’, I can listen to your heart and soul and challenge you to gather your courage and face your fears as I stand alongside you.

I believe deeply in the need for more compassion and acceptance in our world and the need to break the limiting patterns which are passed onto our children. By working on ourselves and becoming more aware of who we are we can allow them to be all of who they are. I give my time and expertise to a local charity which works with families using equine facilitation and transformational coaching to this end.  All the associates used by my company have been trained by me and continue to develop themselves as they receive supervision and guidance in their practice.

I am not perfect and I do not expect you to be either. But I do believe that each of us is enough and that we came into this world pure, perfect and complete before we began to gather layers of stuff. So my desire is to keep on peeling back the layers until we uncover the truth of who we are and who we can be, allowing our unique ‘self’ to flourish.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Much love,

Sarah Readings
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