At The Cherry Trees I offer a beautiful, relaxing and natural environment in the North Yorkshire countryside. Much of the coaching, training and development takes place outdoors in order to enjoy the benefits of nature.

Research shows that natural environments have the potential to improve our capacity for attention, our mental health our physical health and that they also have a positive effect on our mood; reducing stress and restoring wellbeing.

It is our natural state to be surrounded by countryside and fresh air; only relatively recently, since the industrial revolution, have bustling cities, grey surroundings and pollution become the norm with the technological revolution impacting us further.

People can go the whole day restricted to the unnatural atmosphere of a modern office and stress and anxiety have become more common.

Our pace of life has also become much faster and so the environment here offers you the opportunity to slow down and find stillness; a chance to reflect and re-connect.

The Cherry Trees
Kirkby Lane
North Yorkshire
LS22 4BR

07900 800 290

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